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Timeshares for saleTimeshare Foreclosures and Resales
The timeshare industry has been the scourge of the real estate world for decades now, but the public still shows some interest in buying timeshares for sale. Some may be interested in timeshare resales while others are looking for timeshare foreclosures, but buying a timeshare, even at a discount, is a terrible financial idea. If you are so wealthy that purchasing a timeshare would not negatively affect your family, you have enough money to simply buy a condominium in the Bahamas outright. The only reason someone would be interested in timeshares for sale is the fact that it seems like “ownership” rather than a hotel reservation. However, this is a false representation of what timeshare ownership really entails.

Signing a timeshare contract does not mean that you own property in a tropical paradise. The idea behind this industry is buying a specific “time” to stay at a vacation property that you “share” with a multitude of other individuals. The benefits of owning a property typically include having the value appreciate over time, the ability to use it any time, and the freedom of owning something outright. With timeshares, you do not own the property whatsoever, and it is basically a glorified rental agreement. A lease that will put you in dire financial straits like so many others.

Popular Timeshares for Sale

Timeshare resales may seem like a good idea, because it is a buyers market out there. So many owners are trying desperately to get out of their timeshare contracts that you can buy one at a fraction of market value. While this may be a “discount” there is a reason that the market is flooded with unwanted timeshares. With timeshare ownership, the company is pretty much allowed to alter the deal at any time, charge massive hidden costs, and hold you accountable for property taxes and maintenance fees. It is the illusion of ownership: none of the benefits and all of the drawbacks.

Here at U.S. Consumer Specialists, we recommend against ever buying a timeshare. If you have a contract in place and are looking to cancel, please contact us immediately. Our specialty is getting struggling owners out of their timeshares, and we have the experience and expertise to do the same for you.

Get out of Your Ownership as Quickly as Possible

Cancel TimeshareThe Clock is Ticking...
The choice to cancel a timeshare with U.S. Consumer Specialists is the very best course of action you can take as a financially struggling owner. There are several reasons why you should choose our company, including our stellar testimonials and experience within the industry. However, the most important reason why you need to cancel your timeshare now is time.

The hidden fees, maintenance costs, and ever-increasing rate hikes are likely reasons why you have decided you want out of your timeshare ownership. Time is the most important factor here because every single day you are still tied to your contract, you are losing money. Every month that passes by, every time you are hit with a new fee that the company seems to make up on the spot, it costs you and your family chunks of your paycheck.

Some timeshare owners prefer to try and sell a timeshare at first, but they soon learn how difficult this task is. No matter how easy the salesmen made this sound at the timeshare presentation, selling your ownership is an exercise in futility. The market is filled with owners just like you, who desperately want to be free of their timeshare contract. In order to sell, you must lower your asking price drastically, advertise intelligently, and even then you may not succeed. While the months pass by, your timeshare company reaps the rewards from your monthly payments that you are legally obligated to pay.

Don’t Wait Another Moment to Cancel Your Timeshare

Selling a timeshare is a bad idea because it wastes the most important commodity you have: time. The sales process may take months or even years when the team at U.S. Consumer Specialists can free you from ownership quicker than anyone else. We will help you cancel your timeshare contract immediately, nullifying your obligation and freeing you from the clutches of your timeshare company.

Please contact us today for a free consultation. We will be happy to work with you to discover all your options at no cost whatsoever. If you are looking to cancel your timeshare or have tried selling one in the past, please share your story by clicking “add comment” below!

The Most Difficult Task in the Real Estate Market

You are likely told how easy it is to sell a timeshare by your salesman at the presentation. Unfortunately, this was an absolute lie. You were probably told that the market for selling timeshares is simple to navigate, one where finding a buyer is easy. After all, the salesmen made it sound so attractive to you, why not someone else? In fact, your ability to sell your timeshare was probably one of the biggest “selling points” during the timeshare presentation. New owners are often under the impression that they can sell their timeshare at any time, most often for a profit. This provides a mental outlook that makes timeshares seem like an excellent investment. This is how timeshare salesmen lure new signers at the presentation. However, this false sense of security quickly unravels when owners actually try to sell their timeshares.

The experts here at U.S Consumer Specialists understand the realities of timeshare ownership as well as the market for selling timeshares. It is difficult for owners to change their mental outlook because they are so focused and convinced that they can sell their timeshares for a profit with ease. If an owner can sell a timeshare, owners believe they will be able to make a profit or, at the very least, break even. The massive hidden fees and maintenance costs associated with timeshare ownership puts owners in a brutal financial spot when they eventually try to sell. Learning that they will not make a profit at all can be devastating.

The Trust behind Selling Timeshares

Selling TimesharesSelling a Timeshare is Very Difficult
The timeshare salesmen have committed fraud if they told you that selling a timeshare is easy. However, this fraud is necessary for timeshare companies because if attendees were aware of how difficult it is to actually sell a timeshare, the industry would crumble. The reality is that the market for selling a timeshare is depressed. 

An owner’s ability to sell a timeshare is nearly non-existent because countless timeshare resales are available, and buyers are scarce. While you are trying to sell your timeshare, months turn into years. All the while, you are stuck paying the ever-increasing fees that so often lead to bankruptcy.

The U.S. Consumer Specialists team is here to tell you that selling your timeshare is very far from your best option. However, there is a way out. By cancelling your timeshare contract legally, you eliminate your fees almost immediately. Because of this, cancelling your timeshare is actually more cost effective than trying to sell a one. The key here is timeshare fraud and the lies told to you at the timeshare presentation. 

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California Investigators Warn of Timeshare Resale Fraud

Timeshare Resale FraudTimeshare resale fraud is real and dangerous.
Here at U.S. Consumer Specialists, we are all too aware of the type of timeshare fraud that occurs within this colossal industry. Furthermore, this fraud has recently come under the guise of companies offering help to struggling timeshare owners who are either looking to either sell or get out of their timeshare contracts. These consumers are the most vulnerable to certain types of timeshare fraud, a scam that has not gone unnoticed by the justice department.

Recently, Wayne Bell and Nicholas Cain of the California Department of Real Estate have put out an official warning against enlisting the help of those who may be engaged in timeshare resale fraud. Because the economy is struggling, many timeshare owners are looking to sell their timeshares and are very desperate to do so. The rising costs of maintenance and large hidden fees have caused many owners to seek financial relief by getting rid of their timeshare. This desperation has led to timeshare resale fraud, committed by scammers who claim they will be able to help sell their timeshare with ease. There is no easy or simple way to sell a timeshare, and companies that claim this is true are likely timeshare resale scams.

Types of Timeshare Resale Fraud

There are several brands of this type of timeshare resale fraud, and they all look to prey on a feeling of relief that comes from getting rid of a timeshare. Some timeshare fraud begins with illegitimate companies posing as actual, legal real estate agents in order to provide a sense of security. The owner is then duped into paying for their services, for which they provide no real aid towards selling the timeshare.

Another type of timeshare resale fraud comes from a company contacting an owner who has an advertisement for selling their timeshare. They claim they already have a “ready and willing” buyer for their timeshare, but require a processing fee in order to complete the transaction. It is worth noting that the majority of the victims here are elderly timeshare owners, who should be warned beforehand when they attempt to sell a timeshare through advertisement. In fact, every owner should be very aware of the possibility of timeshare resale fraud before they consider even attempting to sell. There are better options than selling a timeshare, and we can help you discover all of your many possibilities.